6" Hoya Kerrii (Sweetheart Valentine Hoya)

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There are a few Hoya's out there which make ideal houseplants, Hoya kerriior the Sweetheart Plant is one of them. It's become increasingly popular in recent years but you might still struggle to find information or care tips about it.

Pot Size: 6" in

Plant Care:

Planting Difficulty
Indirect light, early morning sun, or semi to half shade.
Soil Requirements Use a well-draining soil mix.
Watering Frequency With its succulent qualities it's quite adapt at storing water for longish periods of time between waterings.
Propagation Division and Leaf Cuttings
Fertilizer Four times a year the most.

** Plants vary slightly in size, shape and colour. You may not receive the exact plant shown in the product photo **

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