6" Begonia Maculata (Polka Dot Begonia)

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One of the most photogenic houseplants is the Begonia maculata, also known as the Polka dot Begonia.

Definitely not your grandmothers Begonia, the maculata is a real eyecatcher with its large angel wing-shaped leaves patterned with polka dots on top and a deep purple-red on the bottom side.

Pot Size: 6" in

Plant Care:

Planting Difficulty
bright, indirect sunlight
Soil Requirements Well-draining soil mix
Watering Frequency Water regularly, because the Begonia m aculata does not like to stay dry too long. It likes the soil to be somewhat moist.

Begonias are easy to propagate so don’t throw away those pruned off stems!

Each stem is potentially a whole new plant, or a growing piece to place back in with the original plant to make it grow fuller.

Fertilizer Treat your plant to a dilu ted liquid houseplant fertilizer every two weeks. In fall and winter, let your plant rest.

** Plants vary slightly in size, shape and colour. You may not receive the exact plant shown in the product photo **

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