10" Begonia Angel Wing Bush

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It doesn’t seem like it, but mottled spurge is a shrub, not a cactus. This is due to the presence of sap and the absence of large flowers. Also unlike cacti, Euphorbia lactea is a tropical plant. It’s native to India, Sri Lanka, and other areas in tropical Asia.

Pot Size: 10" in

Plant Care:

Planting Difficulty
Soil Requirements Well-draining
Watering Frequency Angel wing begonia containers must have drip holes in the bottom for proper drainage and the plant should never sit in water. When over-watered, the leaves turn yellow and fall off.
Light Conditions Bright Indirect Sun
Temperature 65°-75°F (18.3°-23.9°C)
Fertilization Feed monthly in the spring and summer when ian angel wing begonia is actively growing with a liquid plant food high in potassium. Fertilize every other month during the rest of the year.
Pest and Disease Control Insecticidal soap is recommended if mealy bugs shown.

** Plants vary slightly in size, shape and colour. You may not receive the exact plant shown in the product photo **

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